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Although some players are still stuck to Fifa 14, EA recently launched its amazing advanced FIFA 15 series. Most of people are still waiting for decay in Fifa-15 game’s price tag whereas some are waiting for Fifa 16. Because of highly featured football series launched recently, players are expecting more advancement in Fifa 16.

It is expected that EA will launch its next high level simulator for football game in the coming year with huge advancements. It is said to appear with various considerable improvements and there might be some changes in its in game currencies also. fifa16download will be available soon with ultimate advancements.  Below are some expected improvements from this game according to reports:

• Healing Cards: In previous series of Fifa an injured player is not allowed to take part in game which causes too much loss for success. It is believed that Fifa 16 will get relieve of healing cards so that elite players can play even when they are injured.

• Trial Mode: For helping players to save their hard earned coins in the game, EA might provide ‘try before buy’ feature so that one can check performance of players prior to spending money to buy them for their team.

• Statistics: Fifa 16 download may also include past player statistics feature in it so that players can easily analyse their past losses, goal strategies and other things so that they can improve their game every time.

• Gameplay Change: Fifa 16 may include some additional features like ball indicators so that players can judge its landing position easily. It will make game very interactive with users.

• Interactive audience: Fifa 16 download for pc will be loaded with advanced and more interactive features where crowd will be able to interact according to environment of pitch.

• Free Player Packs: Reports says that when you will get fifa 16 for online download it will be available with some free player packs that may help gamers to spend less coins for buying new players.

• Customisable tactics: In Fifa 16, according to VC reports players might be able to change their game style as per choice to make it more interactive.


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